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Year in Review



What WE did this year!


Dearest Members

Wow, what a year 2018 was for WE Unite!  We know this is late this year but when you read the year in a glance you will understand just why!  As we sat in January as a Leadership Team and reflected on the 2018 year we were truly amazed YET again.  This group of now 262 outstanding Women came together in one way or another to “make a difference through purpose”.  To join WE Unite sign up here!

2018 marked our 8th complete year as a group and also had the LARGEST growth in membership at a 32% growth in NEW members.  It looks like this once small, little vision is “catchy”.  WE could not be happier to see all these new members join the FORCE to “making a difference”.  As WE mentioned, everyone had their part in the success of 2018, whether it was sharing a FB post, telling a friend, coming out to an event, donating a gift for a family, delivering a candle, cleaning a garden, making a sweet treat for a funeral, a meal for a family, really the list goes on….. YOU reading the emails, sharing a post and telling a friend is TRULY the reason we excelled last year.  SO let’s get on to what WE were actually able to achieve as a group of AMAZING strong women!

Here is a list just to capture some numbers and show the impact of your LOVE:

  • Supported all the food and beverage for 2 large Celebrations of Life – remainder of food was distributed throughout Barrie shelters

  • sMiles for Amanda Run largest turn out of runners and collectively raised 5k for CMHA

  • Organized over 105 freezable meals for families in need through Cooking for a Cause

  • Delivered hot homemade cooked meals to local families in need – too many to count

  • Hosted our 4th Annual Soup Off with over 90 attendees and 70 litres of soup for local shelters

  • Delivered 22 candles on Christmas Eve to remember those lost

  • Hosted our 6th Annual Christmas Give Back afternoon with families and children crafting beautiful blankets and wreaths for a local Seniors Home.  Later in the month a group of children then delivered these gifts with handcrafted Christmas cards and sang carols The Seniors and the Children’s hearts were filled with LOVE and Holiday spirit

  • Supported 7 local families in need at Christmas – the amount of gifts and gift cards were well beyond expectation

  • Supported a full massive garden clean up for a family in need

  • Hosted a fall WE <3 US event that allowed 11 local business to share their love with members and we had over 100 ladies and young ladies attend

  • Launched WE 2 Unite to encourage our second generation of women to join forces starting from grade 6-12

  • Had 3 cities inquire about starting a WE Unite Chapter

Partnership Growth is very important to us as WE continue to strive for additional membership to ensure our model is maintained.  Without continued growth of membership, and soon to be Chapters, members may struggle feeling they need to contribute to the needs more than they may be able to.  As WE grows it allows us to continue to be a part of the needs only when WE can, so here are a few ways WE have done this:

  • Presented to Simcoe Hospice to share the Vision and create a partnership for 2019

  • Presented at HVPOA Annual General Meeting to partner on community needs and share our vision

  • Aligned with the LON for future calendar sharing of events and future partnership

  • Featured in Horseshoe Valley Magazine

  • Mentioned in Simcoe Life North

  • Shared at a Barrie Chamber Business event through Botree Inc – Pay it Forward Awards

  • Met with Barrie founder of Gals that Give, Mandy Foster to create a partnership

  • Donations received from the Firefighters Association and Fire Department

It is important for us to continue to align to our Mission and Vision as we grow and to continue to challenge ourselves on how we can improve year over year.  Your feedback and ideas are what WE need to achieve success, remembering that this group is about “feeding the souls of women so they can go out and feed the souls of others”.  WE have an EXCITING year ahead of us and WE look forward to sharing the 2019 journey with you ALL. Continue to stay connected, share your ideas, feedback and community needs. Without YOU this group doesn’t exist, on behalf of WE Unite we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and love to each of you for your continued dedication, love and support to WE Unite.  

Lastly our AMAZING sponsors that without them, WE would not be able to HOST such events.  Horseshoe Resort you continue to go far and beyond, and Shanty Bay Golf Club your warm clubhouse and cozy fire is always available and we cannot thank you enough!

Happiest 2019 to you all

On behalf of WE Unite Leadership Team