Oro-Medonte, ON, Canada

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Who WE Are and What We Do

Making a Difference Through Purpose

The group's mantra is to “make a difference through purpose” and WE live by this ethos through a unique model. The founding members believe that women have the extraordinary ability to give selflessly and that this generousity can be magnified through self-care. In accordance with this belief, WE Unite has created a space for women to bond, learn, support each other and have fun through a variety of activities meant for women to invest in themselves. In partnership with these events, Purpose Projects are undertaken to harness the positive energy and vivacity that comes from a strong female community to make a difference. Diverse charitable projects are organized to support the community and spread positivity.


What WE Have Done

Making A Difference Through Purpose

  • Annual Candle Light Hikes - Memorial walk for lost members of our community.

  • Annual Christmas Eve Candle delivery - For families who have lost a family member

  • Soup Off - Litres of soup made for local shelters

  • Christmas Love - Families in need receive gifts and food

  • Cooking For A Cause - Frozen meals for families in need

  • Homemade Hot Meal Deliveries - For families in Need

  • Funeral Support - All food made, delivered and set up 

  • sMiles for Amanda Annual Run - Remembering a young women lost in the community while raising funds for local needs

  • Pay It Forward Programs - Student participation in facilitating events

  • Housekeeping - For families in need

  • Local Advocacy - To promote memorial efforts i.e. memorial walkway buit

  • Food Bank Programs

  • Charity Bottle Drives

  • Shelter Resources - Youth Haven Christmas Gifts

  • Helping Hands for Transportation - For families in need

The list goes on.....​ What ever people need we try to help!