Who WE Are and What We Do

Making a Difference Through Purpose

As a grassroots organization, WE Unite strives to support communities in times of tragedy, crisis, illness and loss by making civic engagement more accessible and by facilitating opportunities for personal growth through philanthropy.


What WE Have Done

Making A Difference Through Purpose

  • Annual Candle Light Hikes - Memorial walk for lost members of our community.

  • Annual Christmas Eve Candle delivery - For families who have lost a family member

  • Soup Off - Litres of soup made for local shelters

  • Christmas Love - Families in need receive gifts and food

  • Cooking For A Cause - Frozen meals for families in need

  • Homemade Hot Meal Deliveries - For families in Need

  • Funeral Support - All food made, delivered and set up 

  • sMiles for Amanda Annual Run - Remembering a young women lost in the community while raising funds for local needs

  • Pay It Forward Programs - Student participation in facilitating events

  • Housekeeping - For families in need

  • Local Advocacy - To promote memorial efforts i.e. memorial walkway buit

  • Food Bank Programs

  • Charity Bottle Drives

  • Shelter Resources - Youth Haven Christmas Gifts

  • Helping Hands for Transportation - For families in need

The list goes on.....​ What ever people need we try to help!


Oro-Medonte, ON, Canada

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